Food packaging Machinery: About Us: Mantle Packaging Machinery Ltd award winning family run businesses manufacturing award-winning food packaging machines for distribution and businesses worldwide.

Mantle Packaging Machinery Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of food packaging machinery for the food industry. It was established in 1997 by Ken and Christine Mantle, and today the family-run business combines Ken’s 45 years experience in the industry, with Christine’s office management expertise.

“We’re a small manufacturing business, established in 1997, with family at its heart”

Over the years, the family side of the business has grown and expanded. Today, Ken and Christine’s two daughters, Philippa and Laura have joined the business and work alongside each other. Together, they ensure Mantle Packaging Machinery continues to offer a professional, sustainable and customer-focused service.

Mantle Packaging Machineryn has won numerous awards and has maintained its values as a family-run business, a manufacturer of food packaging machinery that is made in Britain. Established in 1997 by Ken and Christine Mantle, it is now in the hands of their two daughters, Laura and Philippa, who working alongside each other, have a team of dedicated employees who back them up and make up the Mantle Packaging family, continuing to offer professional and customer-focused service and manufacture of quality food packaging machines and accessories.
Award winning family run business manufacturing food packaging machinery at the North West Awards. UK Sweden Greece Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, Portugal

From this sound footing, we have developed a range of high quality food packaging machinery. These are commonly found in supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, cafés, farm shops and many other food preparation businesses.  Our customer base extends beyond the UK. We export to distributors and businesses in the food industry worldwide, in particular to Europe – France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden  – and the Middle East.

“We offer a wide range of quality food packaging machinery to provide our customers with a complete packaging solution.”

Our extensive range of food packaging machinery includes Hand stretch Tray Wrappers, Tray seal lidders, ‘L’ sealers, Wicketed bag Jaw Sealers, and Pizza capping shrink systems.  They are all manufactured on site in the UK.  In addition, they are available for next day delivery in most areas throughout the UK.  Our machines are also stocked by our network of distributors throughout the UK and internationally.

We also hold distributor agreements for Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealers, Flowrappers, Rotary Fillers, Cappers, Rotary Bag Sealers and Vacuum Packers. This complements our own range of machinery.

“Our environmentally-friendly ready meal trays are available in a choice of dual-ovenable board, compostable, recycled C-PET and aluminium foil”

Further to our machinery range, we also stock a wide selection of food trays and lidding, stretch and degradable PP centre folded films. This enables us to provide our customers with a complete packaging solution for their needs, whether they are in a food producing environment, a bakery, a cafe or a butcher’s.

In addition, we also offer a range of barrier trays and film for customers utilising Modified Atmosphere packaging of fresh produce.

 Food packaging machinery: our extensive range includes Hand stretch Tray Wrappers, Tray seal lidders, ‘L’ sealers, Wicketed bag Jaw Sealers, and Pizza capping shrink systems.


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